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A Social and Musical Enterprise

Lessons for Charity is a social and musical enterprise committed to raising critical funds for non-profit organizations. We work with musicians to donate video lessons while students gain access to lessons from professional musicians for free!

A Different Way to Give Back

We were looking at different ways to make a significant difference in the world and support charities we believe in. Walks, Runs, Biking Events, Raffles, Donating Your Car, or even Polar Plunges are all wonderful events. However, was there a way to reach thousands while starting a movement around music and education?

A Bootstrapped Philanthropic Movement

We’ve started with only a few musicians. Without any video or editing skills, we got out there, made phone calls, sent emails, set up a studio in an apartment in Boston, and just did it. Are the first few videos a bit rough around the edges? Yep! And that’s just fine. Lessons for Charity isn’t about perfect and crisp online lessons. It’s about real people, trying to make a real difference in this world.

Nice… How can I help?

Reach out to us at We need musicians to donate lessons, we need audio/video students to help with filming/editing, we need people to help push our message through social media, and most importantly, we need people to donate to the causes we believe in.

Thank you!

Michael Flynn
Founder, Lessons for Charity